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B2B Lead Generation managed for you for up to 73% less than competitors. Results guaranteed.

We have two guarantees depending on your company’s lead generation needs and risk profile:
Option 1: Either we hit or exceed target sales bookings, or you get 50% of your money back
Option 2: Your first 5 bookings are free, and only begin payment on the 6th booking

The 3 pillars of B2B lead-generation, scale new appointments as quickly or slowly as you desire:

Email Outreach

Our cold email outreach campaigns are designed to cut through the noise, beat spam filters, and generate high-quality meetings with target decision makers in your target market.

LinkedIn Outreach

We target your ideal audience by title, industry, geography, company name and a myriad of other targeting options. Reach people here at a level you will rarely get to by cold emailing or calling.


Our professionally trained sales development reps will handle all of your cold calling and fill your sales representatives” calendars with qualified leads waiting to speak with you.

7 things you should know about us

1. We’re business owners who develop marketing & business strategies for other business owners through companies we’ve personally founded and grown.

2. Our global team of 30+ from all parts of the world including USA, Canada, Israel, South Africa, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Pakistan and more bring insights and talents from their diverse backgrounds. 

3. Any service, product or strategy that we offer to you has first been tested, launched and repeatedly iterated inside our own in-house companies before being offered to any clients. 

4. Your dedicated account manager will work with our team of founders, expert marketers, strategists and developers to ensure your business is getting its intended results.

5. We relentlessly refine our strategies to make them more effective in results and in cost, and pass those results and savings on to you.

6. We offer solutions that use more diverse platforms and strategies than 95% of our competitors – because we go where the customers are, not to where it’s convenient!

7. We love what we do and we will treat your business just like we do our own. In fact, the teams that power our own businesses are the ones that will be powering your services as well – that’s also why we partner with select clients on an equity or profit participation basis so that all parties have skin in the game.

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